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In this section the Regional Waste Observatory (Osservatorio Regionale Rifiuti - O.R.R.) will report the translations of the most important news related to the waste situation in Regione Campania and the translation of the main official reports published on this website.
The aim of these reports and translations is a clear and objective spread of what happens on Regione Campania territory and the official actions and reactions of the charged Institutions.
The second aim is an act of openness and open-mindedness towards observations and suggestions coming from subjects living or operating out of the Italian borders.

Function and Purposes

The Regional Waste Observatory (O.R.R.) is an Office established with Law n.4/2007, confirmed with Law n.5/2014. Among some of the functions, the followings stand out:

  1. 1. It creates and manages a database aimed to an in-depth analysis of the processing of statistical data regarding the collection, management, processing and utilization of waste.
  2. 2. It verifies the status of implementation of the objectives of waste collection and of the realization of plants provided for by law and by the waste regional plan.
  3. 3. It provides for the monitoring of the progress of the production, the collection, the recovery and the disposal of various types of waste in the regional territory, through the establishment of a regular and ongoing relationship with all parties involved in waste management, which consistently provide the necessary information to update the database referred to point 1.
  4. 4. It adopts the Charter of user's rights and obligations.

Activities and Instruments

In order to improve constantly the general waste situation, in the spirit of collaboration with local, national and European institutions, O.R.R carries out a series of activities such as the preparation of documents and periodic reports through dematerialized procedures, for example the periodical news and the official publications of the certification of the data related the waste collection of the single municipalities in Regione Campania.
Last but not least the O.R.R. informs and supports Regione Campania citizens in their rights and obligations. Technical activities are put in place to enable the O.R.R. System to acquire the data of the statements sent by users.
The main instrument used to support users is an help desk which carries out its functions meeting the citizens, but also through the support of telephonic, e-mail and Skype chat contacts.

The development of the regional observatory on waste management in 2017

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